This week has been an adventure both in the ‘office’ and out in the world. At Voxpop, this week presented me with the opportunity come up with ideas for in-game art, as well as some hands on XML experience. Combined with my media gathering tasks, these additions to my repertoire kept me on my toes and added depth to my so-called  ‘work’ (can something this fun really be work?). I’ve realized it that in the startup environment, being over specialized is a handicap. A large cooperation benefits from having specified departments to respond to a particular need of the company. For example, Marketing, HR, and Business Development are important departments with particular tools. In a startup, the personnel at hand must fill these roles. The most successful team will be made up of a few people who’s combined talents can make small team appear to have an expert in every relevant field. On a personal level, having a vast skill set as opposed to one particular area of supremacy will afford the startup more flexibility as well as the ability to pivot, change, and scale.

Outside the office, I had a personal victory in the “Bike Wrappers” scavenger hunt. The event went down like this: at 7:30 on Tuesday night, @BikeWrappers sent out GPS coordinates via Twitter. Hints for the locations followed, suggesting that swag was being stashed at several locations throughout San Francisco. The hint I followed said “for Location #3: House has eight sides to it. Check up on the stairs…” After looking up the location on google maps, and figuring that there weren’t too many octagonal buildings at Lands End, I hopped on my bike and raced to the location. Boy did my quads burn! I can’t believe Tony Conrad swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and then ran a marathon. These True guys are nuts; I barely made it 5 miles on my bike. But luckily that was as far as I needed to go for my event, and no one beat me to the punch. To see me claim my prize, check out the video (I was a little out of breath) Bike Wrappers Scavenger Hunt

This week’s word is ‘Grey

In many ways, the startup world is a world of grey (not unlike living in the Richmond District). It helps to be comfortable with the undefined, thrive while striving for a hazy and variable goal. Oh, and “grey haired execs kill startups” – anonymous

Song of the week is “Empathy” from the most recent Crystal Castles album. The second self-titled album has more of a pop aesthetic than their debut, while retaining the distorted drums sound, glitchy synth bleeps, and occasion frantic scream.

Until next time,