Hello! My name is Zeina Amhaz, and I am a Computer Science and Economics double major at Amherst College. After wrapping up my sophomore year, I started my summer internship at Showyou, a platform for crowd-funded video channels. Being a part of TEC has given me great insight into the venture capital and startup world, and I’d love to share the lessons I learned and my overall experience with you!

At the beginning of this summer, I stepped off the plane at San Francisco International Airport with one simple goal in mind: figure out everything I ever want to do with my life and exactly how to do it. Ok, a little not-so-simple, right? Maybe. But have I made progress in achieving my ultimate, not-so-simple goal? Absolutely.

In the fertile grounds of what I like to call ‘My East Coast Education’, my seeded love for Nietzche, New England Maple Syrup, and the liberal arts flourished. And yet these passions were only shrubs compared to my prized, taking-number-one-at-the-state-fair picking: A Career In Finance. While Wall St. is a noteworthy destination that is only reached through troughs of hard work and miles of determination, I was never sure if I had arrived at that objective organically or whether it was a mere assimilation into east coast culture. Being at an institution that preaches agency in intellect and responsibility for worldly engagement, I decided that I needed to explore. With three letters I began that trek: TEC.

The vibrant world of tech entrepreneurship had me at the words “unlimited swag and free snacks.” Looking at the unbeatable view of San Francisco from my company’s office in the heart of the Mission, I knew I made the right decision being in the fellowship program. More profoundly, I was blown away by the enthusiasm and fortitude these entrepreneurs and engineers had in impacting the world — tirelessly working to create change through business deals and lines of code.

The TEC experience thus far has been exceptional in any way imaginable. I’ve loved getting to know the other fellows, meeting extraordinary speakers, and taking in every unforgettable moment.