Hi there!

I’m studying Computer Engineering  at UPenn, and I’m so excited to be part of TEC this summer! I’m working as a Product Manager intern at Directly this summer. Check it out (www.directly.com), and I’m having a blast so far!

So why did I choose to be on a Product team this summer, as I come from a Computer Science/Electrical Engineering background? I spent last summer as a Software Engineer doing iOS development at a start-up. As you might guess, I did a lot of coding last summer. It was a small start-up (about 6 people, with 4 people in-house), so we iterated very quickly. The founders of the start-up pitched to investors on a weekly basis, so it was up to each and everyone one of us to contribute value to the product.

Before coding a feature, I needed to speak with users, gather their feedback, write up a spec documenting the benefits of the feature and any pain points it would eliminate, and then begin to implement it. Now, I always found the steps building up to implementation as the most interesting. I could actually work with people who were going to use our Product, and therefore build the Product with them in mind.

So, for this summer, I decided I wanted a full Product internship. At Directly, I’m wireframing mock-ups, collecting data, using Excel to display that data, and working along with all the other amazing people here at Directly to build a tool that’s helping a lot of people.

We’ve had a Company Hackathon which was a lot of fun, where a couple of us built a rough, new version of the iOS app! I think there’s another Hackathon planned soon.

As far as the TEC side, I’ve really enjoyed meeting all the other True Fellows! They’re an awesome group of people, and each one of them has an interesting story. We have interns from Ireland, Massachusetts, Hong Kong, SF, Michigan, Illinois, and more!

This is only the start of the internship, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone here at Directly and True better!

Until the next post,