My name is Lionel and I’m a senior at Stanford majoring in Management Science & Engineering (also playing around with the idea of staying another year to get a CS double major or masters).

I joined TEC because I thought it was the best way for me to learn the most practical skills to start companies, which I surely will do down the line. I also could not pass up the opportunity to work at Kissmetrics, a company I’ve admired from afar since becoming an analytics geek last summer working for micromobs. Optimizing viral coefficients, a/b testing, experimenting with acquisition channels, and making sure the site was SEO’d out over there really upped my analytics geekiness to another level.

The sexy way to explain my internship at Kissmetrics is that it’s as if I’m starting a company within a company, an “Entreprinception,” (you heard it here first) if you will.

I’ll be designing, implementing, rapidly iterating, marketing, and optimizing, a suite of free analytics tools. Hiten Shah, the CEO/co-founder of KM, has handed off this brand new project for me and I am to build it from scratch. There’s little to no specs in place, I’ll only have minimal guidance, and I have the responsibility to make key decisions behind the product.

As Peter Parker’s uncle once said, “With great power comes, great responsibility”  I used this overused reference in a high school essay and I’ll use it now because it’s just so damn relevant. I have a unique opportunity here to make a serious impact, both good and bad.

Either way, I’m going to have a blast. And if I fail, I’ll probably learn twice as much.