The West Coast Life

This summer, I will be working at Fitbit, participating in the TEC program, and blogging about it here.

This is only my third time on the West Coast and my first time spending an extended amount of time and working here.  I came in with a somewhat romanticized notion of this side of the country – a mixture of pictures of glorious sunshine, relaxing beaches, and an entrepreneurial spirit inspired by the days of the Wild West and the Gold Rush.

Well, while the drizzle, clouds, and fog dominated the landscape for my first few days, the images of energy and vibrant innovation have largely held up so far.  Perhaps this is because of the remarkable environment in which I find myself.  While there is something fundamentally energetic about the Bay Area, where the sun incubates growing companies from Palo Alto to Silicon Valley to San Francisco itself, there is more to it.  The TEC program has already begun to offer new avenues of innovation, both through the excellent support of True Ventures, Christiaan, and Shea and through the interesting conversations that are already developing among us interns.

Most of my hours, though, have been spent becoming acquainted with and ready to contribute to the start up that I’m working at, Fitbit.  Fitbit is a rapidly growing tech company in the personal health space, and its products revolve around the Fitbit tracker, a small device that clips to a belt or slips into a pocket easily.  The tracker uses an accelerometer and, combined with some accessories, can provide a good baseline for user activity and sleep behavior.  That, combined with a nutrition component on the website, allows Fitbit to offer its users an overall health baseline.

My first week at Fitbit has been a whirlwind of activity, as I have been able to participate in a number of key strategy meetings and already work on some of Fitbit’s new projects.  As a project management intern, I’ve had the opportunity to see how the design, engineering, and business ends come together to produce a spectacular product for the consumer and puts the company in a strong position financially.  This is the first time that I have worked such long hours, but it’s been a fantastic experience so far and I have barely noticed the time going by.  I look forward to keeping you folks updated as the summer progresses!

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