Well, I can’t believe TEC is officially over. I’m still hanging out in the Bay Area for 2 more weeks working at B-Stock Solutions, but I can’t help but feel it won’t be the same as we had our last Thursday session and our farewell dinner this past week. By the time this post makes it out to the blog, many of my fellow interns will probably be gone already. It’s clichéd, but I’m not sure if mere words can capture what I’ve learned and experienced this summer. Like anything else though, I guess you have to try.

We learned a ton about building successful startups, from the different elements of a business model to improving through iteration, to forming a sustainable culture. We also learned about the fund raising process and valuation from some of the best in the business. While there was a lot of reading throughout the summer, the books were all extremely well written and insightful. We also had some incredible speakers from the ranks of the True partners and portfolio founders. I feel like I have a network out here now that I can turn to for help and advice. It was definitely invaluable knowledge that will one day help all of us if and when we decide to start our own businesses.

While I will no longer be going to the True offices on official business, I’m still working at B-Stock Solutions for the next two weeks. I’ve gotten a chance to explore all aspects of working at a startup working on finance, analytics, operations, and marketing projects. I’ve started to understand the details and nuances of auctions and liquidations and it’s a complex and fascinating world. I’m glad True had us pitch a new product or changes to our companies at our final meeting. It was intimidating to critique a business that I think is fairly successful, but it really made me think critically about B-Stock Solutions and question everything instead of just accepting it. I’m sure my experience was a little different from my fellow interns because B-Stock has such an experienced team with strong ties to eBay, but it was valuable in that it showed me the pros and cons of gaining corporate experience first. Let’s hope these last two weeks are as good as the first six.

Outside of work and TEC it’s been a good time too. This group is honestly one of the most interesting and talented cast of characters I have ever met. I joined the game a little late, but I felt right at home when I first me them. We have conversations about entrepreneurship and technology that simply don’t happen with my peers really often. We had some great adventures in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Marin, and Santa Cruz. I really hope we all keep in touch and reunite a few years down the line. Maybe some of us will have successful companies by then.

It was a great ride, but like unlimited data plans, the 90s, and the Lord of the Rings movies, all good things must eventually come to an end. Fortunately, as this post title indicates, I believe this is just the beginning of our journey. To my readers, this may the end of the line for me on this blog, but you can follow my post-TEC life on my blog or Twitter. I met some incredibly talented and motivated people at TEC this summer, and I’m sure we’ll all go on to accomplish great things in life. Now it’s time for you to go out to the places you will be from.