Hey everyone,

Life has been super hectic! I will take more time to ruminate on the past year in my blog post next week, which should be a doozy considering everything that happened this summer. It has definitely been one of the best two months of my life and I am very grateful for everything the True Ventures team has put together.

It is comforting, however, to see that other people are as busy as I am.

I have also found that like me, SendMe Mobile valued the people over the deal in choosing its venture capital firm. They still got a great deal from True Ventures, don’t get me wrong (True is known for having the most entrepreneur-friendly term sheets around), but what really sold them was the people and values in the firm. The True Team helped SendMe long after the deal was done, assisting them in tasks ranging from hiring to raising their next round. SendMe Mobile is now a company with significant revenue and four great brands: SendMe Mobile, SoLow, WT411, and mBuzzy. Considering the company was only founded in 2006, this is a tremendously successful business and their product offers will only get better with time. It is hard to say what they will be doing in five years or ten years, but over the next year, SendMe would like to focus on building out mBuzzy in order to expand its dominant position as one of the top mobile social networks. I think this is a great direction for them and I am excited to see what they do to build the product.

This week’s track is from what I find to be a promising new avenue of electronic music that combines aspects of deep bass with aggressive electro strings. “Dubstep” is finding its way into the minds of countless people online and many of the best dubstep artists are remixing tracks from other genres. It is easy to see why dubstep has such appeal: it’s got a totally new sound and sonic frequency that goes very well with heavy bass while being slower and more manageable than hard-style or drum & bass. This track is a fantastic remix of “Prituri Se Planinata” by Stellamara by the very talented NiT GriT. Based right in our backyard in San Jose, NiT GriT has gained most of his notoriety and following from Soundcloud.com, which should be an indication of how the future of the music industry is going to be dominated by services like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, not record labels.

See you next week,