It’s my third week here in San Francisco. I finally feel like I’ve hit a stride between my work life and social life. I can finally get off work at 6 and not feel completely dead. It’s great to not feel dead after work.

San Francisco has been an interesting change from New York. Everyone really does seem nicer, or at least less in a hurry, and there are a lot more outdoor activities to participate in. It’s also equally as exciting to see some of the technology entrepreneurs and journalists here that I could never expect to see anywhere else. I’ve had some good conversations on the train and elsewhere with these people I’ve looked up to for years.

Otherwise, my time at VodPod has been fully devoted to making their iPhone application. It has been a great experience, and the application is right on the brink of being finished. I’ve learned a lot about integrating existing systems into an iPhone application and a lot more about user experience. I began to really think about how people would be using this application and what would be the best placement, implementation, or design of every feature to maximize satisfaction.

Thursday was a nice break from work when we went to GigaOm’s Structure conference. The conference is unique in that its sole focus is cloud computing, a rapidly developing sector of the technology industry. It was so interesting to see just the level of detail that just this one part of the technology industry can spawn; from data centers to data algorithms, we heard about everything at Structure, and I came away with just a huge amount of extra knowledge.

TEC only continues to impress and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s weird to think there is only one month left.

Again, I’m Ali and I attend New York University. I enjoy things like Twitter, Quora, Photoshop, Instapaper, Angry Birds, angry birds (as in, birds with a temper),  and 1.7 million iPhone 4’s sold.

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