Lets Start a Company!

Hello world! My name is Hanyin. (It is pronounced like ‘onion’ but with an ‘h’)  I am one of the 15 lucky interns for the TEC program this year. I am originally from Beijing, China and lived there until I was 10 then came to Boston in the States. Currently I am a junior at Boston College studying Computer Science and Economics. I have a wide range of interests including: entrepreneurship, technology, basketball, TV-show marathons, developing mobile applications, and road trips.

Its good to be back in Silicon Valley! 3 month ago, I was here with a group of students from Boston College as a part of our Tech Trek field study program. Although I was only here for a week, I quickly fell in love with the beautiful weather, nice people, and the strong tech and entrepreneurial atmosphere! I am looking forward to spend the summer in San Jose and to be working for True Ventures in San Francisco and Vurve in Sunnyvale. I hope to use this blog to reflect on my experiences and on new things that I learn everyday.

My own interest in startups and technology really developed this past semester at school. I always knew that I was loved coming up with business ideas. I have participated in several business plan competitions in the past and have done fairly well. However, I didn’t know what I loved even more was taking action and actually executing the plan. It took a combination of two involvements at school to help me realize my own entrepreneurial spirit. First is my involvement with student government at Boston College. Taking a leadership role in the student government gave me the platform to work on exciting school wide initiatives. I loved the rewarding process of starting something from scratch and building a program that benefits my peers. At the time I didn’t see the parallels of working in student government and entrepreneurship, but now its clear. Second reason, which I already mentioned is Tech Trek. This amazing class studies companies from startup to blue chip and had a field study component that took us to all the companies we studied during spring break. What I learned was that although the Google and Yahoo’s of the world were great, the startups we visited were the most exciting. One of the companies that stood out to me was WePay. I was envious of the founders Bill and Rich because they really have the best job in the world. Everyday work to make their dreams a reality. They make the impossible, possible. To me, that is the definition of success.

It is 2010, there is just no reason to not be doing what you love.  We are young and have nothing to lose. People say it is a risky business and it takes luck, I think that’s crap. Being at a University and at a great summer internship with TEC, we are empowered to achieve. So what are we waiting for, lets start a company!

Do What You Love, No Excuses!

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