Starting Fresh

Hey everyone

My name is Tyler York and I just graduated with a degree in Business from Carnegie Mellon University. I have graduated and made the decision to move back to my home in San Francisco, CA after attending school elsewhere for 7 years. I made this decision begrudgingly at first, since I was choosing to abandon my friends and fond memories of college to pursue a career in Marketing in Silicon Valley.

As one of the few people not going back to school after TEC, this program has provided me with an exciting and very educational transition period between school and the working world. I am already learning more every day about the working environment, marketing, and how a business is put together, much like John mentioned previously. However, what is even more exciting to me is the fact that I get the opportunity to learn so much about entrepreneurship, startups, and the tech space. Those are the three areas of business that fascinate me, and I am right here at the center of it in Silicon Valley. I am sure that the knowledge I gain from this summer and the TEC program will last me a lifetime, and I hope that the relationships I build here do as well. Here’s to the TEC Class of 2010. Let’s make this summer a good one.



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